A Sorority
We are the only sorority at Stockholm University. A sorority is a society for female university students with both social and educational purposes.

Our Purpose
Our organization have formulated a purpose that consist of three pillars that are all valued equally.

We are an organization that;
strives to develop our members in leadership and character,
build sisterhood, friendship and community,
create a forum where members can share and realize their ideas.

What We Do
Everything we do is in line with our purpose. All our members take an active part in planing, organizing and carry out the events that we do. We have three committees working with different areas, these are Education, Sisterhood and Internal affairs.
The Educational Committee works with inviting guest speakers such as female role models or experts in an interesting field, arranging study visits at organizations or work spaces, and organize open lectures for the whole student body.
The Sisterhood Committee arranges all our social events; the kick-off sleepover that we have in the beginning of each semester, celebrations of Founders Day, and all informal activities.
The Internal Affairs Committee works mostly with recruitment and our relations with the Alumna Network.

We have a lot of activities in the group, but don’t forget the third pillar in our purpose:
You are always welcome to come with new ideas!

Our Members
Our members are young women studying at the university. They represent a variety of opinions, backgrounds and dreams, all which are welcomed and appreciated.

We always look for members who want to get engaged and invest some of your time in our work. We keep the group quite small to prevent that anyone feels anonymous. We’re all friends and we all take an active part in the organization

After their studies, members can join the Alumni Network. This is a network to make sure we can stay connected after we leave Stockholm University. The network only have formal meetings once every semester. There is a database with information about all our alumna, which we hope can be helpful for any of our current member if she, for example, needs guidance from someone who’ve studied in the same field.

Our Motto
Work to become, not to acquire.

The official language in the organization is English. This is due to the high number of foreign exchange students we have as members. If you have any concerns about this, please let us know.

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